stuffed animalsThe Finishing School has over 35 years of teaching the basic principles of cooking, sewing and life skills to children and adults. We have an established program that provides an outstanding place for learning these valuable home living skills. Hundreds of youth as well as adults have been privileged to receive instruction at the school and have experienced the opportunity to develop creativity and confidence in their talents.


We believe in strengthening the family through developing these home living skills. We offer a world of possibilities at your fingertips. The teachers at The Finishing School are very kind and patient, making sure each student has a positive and educational experience.

We are passionate about the homemaking skills. Our goal at The Finishing School is to give our students the ability to be successful and confident.party2Youth classes in cooking and sewing instruction are offered year round. We have teachers who specialize in each area of interest. We also offer adult cooking and sewing classes, themed children’s birthday parties, and other group activities. Our sewing and cooking classes are “hands-on” giving the students the opportunity to create fun and useful sewing projects, and yummy food and holiday treats. Students thrive in this creative and positive environment as they learn these valuable skills.

Come and try The Finishing School, you’ll love it!