The basics of cooking are put into action by preparing delicious seasonal recipes each week. These super fun classes are for kids who love to spend time in the kitchen. Teachers at The Finishing School love to work with kids and are very kind and patient. Making sure each student has a positive and educational experience is our goal. Parents drop kids off at our Cooking Class entrance for their weekly lesson. Ample parking is provided as needed. Space does not allow parents to wait for children inside during their lesson.
We look forward to having your child in our program!


This is for little ones not quite old enough for regular Kids Cooking Classes. They will be learning kitchen basics while cooking up a storm of sweet and savory treats!

Patient and caring teachers show these young students how to measure, stir, peel and pour using fun and familiar kitchen tools and supplies. They create “yummy” dishes like Bacon Mac ’n’ Cheese, Holiday Sugar Cookies and healthy Fruit Smoothies. 

For ages 5-7

Culinary KidsStudents have fun while learning how to cook in their professional red chef coats worn each week.  Each student is given a binder to collect their weekly recipes and additional handouts.  We provide the cooking equipment, food and supplies necessary for our students to make their new and exciting recipe each week.

Fundamental life skills such as safety and cleanliness in the kitchen, table manners, knife skills, nutrition, and seasonal activities complement this exceptional program!

For ages 8-14

Major ChefsThis advanced cooking class is for experienced students who are ready for a challenging course.  They must be self-motivated and have a desire to increase their cooking skills.  It will give them a greater understanding of kitchen terms,  food preparation and a higher level of confidence in their ability to prepare delicious food.


For ages 12-16

Length: 11/2 hrs